Seize the throne : Joukamachi no Dandelion x Male Reader

Seize the throne : Joukamachi no Dandelion x Male Reader

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GlenAldoAZE By GlenAldoAZE Updated Aug 11

Castle town Dandelion, the capitol city of the Kingdom of Sakurada. For hundreds of years, it has been ruled over by the Sakurada royal family, ensuring its prosperity. 

Souichirou and Satsuki Sakurada, the ruling king and queen, were blessed with nine children, or in other words, potential heirs. Souichirou, thinking that it would be best, decided to hold an election between his children to decide the future leader of the country. 

Yet an unexpected development arises. In a miraculous twist of fate, a boy with a connection to the previous king, Souichirou's late brother, suddenly appeared. 

In a world of conflict and politics, which will prevail...

Fame..... or family?

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