FAR AWAY WORLD (멀리멀리의 월드) || TAERIN ||

FAR AWAY WORLD (멀리멀리의 월드) || TAERIN ||

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Taerinnie By Apinite Updated Sep 05, 2018

Taehyung is the king of the Kim dynasty, he is cold, scary but kind. One day, the country was under attack by the intruders. Taehyung and his servant was then being chased by the intruders. He was then forced to jump down the cliff with his servant when suddenly, everything changed as a blackhole appears in front of him amd suck him in. The next thing he know, he was in a world far far away. There, he meets Yerin, a girl similar to his crush in Kim dynasty. What will happen to the both of them? Read to find out!



"Where on earth, is this place?"

"I...I...I have no idea Jeonha."

"Jeonha, how about we take a look around, we might be able to find some hints."

"Araseo, let's listen to your idea for now."

As they were about to walk...

"Jeon... Jeon... Jeon... Jeonha!"


"Is... Is... Is... Is... "

"Speak properly."

"Isn't that Yennie gongju?"

07.04.18 - ????


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user69710078 user69710078 Nov 06, 2018
Whats the difference between yennie and yerin?? Cause i dont understanf