Staying Afloat | #wattys2018

Staying Afloat | #wattys2018

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Thea Fox By CarsAndCorsets Updated Aug 04, 2018

All Maya Jones wants is a normal life. She wants a normal happy family and true friends who like her for herself. 

Instead, she is the secret illegitimate daughter of two super rich entrepreneurs, who shower her in money just so that she doesn't tell the media who her parents actually are. All her friends are fake and are only with her for her money. 

So it's no surprise when Maya decides that she's had enough and makes her parents get her a house in a small little town known as Alandale. 

Maya created the perfect back story and was hoping for a peaceful and normal life in Alandale, or as normal as her life can be. 

Throw in a quirky nerd, a friendly cheerleader, a few hot players and a  quiet observant boy and Maya doesn't quite have the peaceful life she was hoping for.

But maybe, just maybe Maya doesn't need the peaceful and perfect life she tried so hard to create in order to finally find the happiness she really craves...

#2 in dragracing (07/08/2018)

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