The Babysitting Job

The Babysitting Job

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Wolfgirl54 By Wolfgirl54 Completed

We've all at sometime had a babysitter. One for us, our siblings, exc.

Well, once my mother is hired at "school bad boy" Colten's huge house as a babysitter for his sister, my life is screwed. Not only does this job require staying over a lot; but 6 out of 7 days a week!

Can everything change in a week? Huh, doubtful.

With Colten's mom being an international actor and his dad sorry, we're basically all he has. Whether he likes it or not.

He chose 'or not'.

Now Colten has to put up with me, my mother, and our life all together.

The only thing that sucks?

Colten is the most annoying, arrogent, rude, pathetic, inconsiderite jackass that (tries to) act like a bad boy that I've ever met. Between making fun of my nerdy-ness and near-perfect grades, he is doing the one thing no one believes me on, well, the entire planet.

He's trying to break me and Louis up.

Little did I know that this peice of ass said I'm his mate.

ToxicChicken ToxicChicken Apr 03, 2016
Finally. A babysitting story that doesn't have to do with one direction
Acelya_Jasmine Acelya_Jasmine Oct 31, 2016
He probably will don't worry.............
                              Too soon? Sorry....
- - Jul 16, 2015
OMFG THATS JUST PERVY....I MEAN CREEPY ID BE LIKE "HELL NAH" grab my luggage and head home
- - Jul 16, 2015
- - Jul 15, 2015
IN OTHER WORDS thank God dis has nothin to do with 1D! And it sound s great
bunhun66 bunhun66 Jan 06, 2015
Can I just suggest something: I think on this line you should make so the main character doesn't know their name because they haven't been introduced yet