Human Dragon

Human Dragon

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BrittanyWelborn By TheKidWithGuns Updated Dec 26, 2015

"We aren't like them, and they aren't like us." He said, throwing his bottle into the blazing flames. 

It's true. Everything he says is true, its just I don't want to believe it. The blood that stains my hands, my clothing and my soul, it all screams the truth.

We're demons, and they're humans. 

"We have to fight back, Layla." His voice shook, and tears ran down his face. "Those bastards killed him, and they're not getting away with it." I was alarmed to see him this way. 

He stood up, fire in his eyes. "I'll eliminate them all. Every single one of them."

That's when I knew things were coming to an end.

ReniColi ReniColi Apr 01, 2014 04:50PM
I like it so far :D ...Though I really want to go to Dairy Queen now...