The Suicide Call

The Suicide Call

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Megan ♦ By Nickymb Updated Dec 07, 2014

When seventeen-year-old Lydia Good ends up getting drunk at a party and performs the biggest prank of her lifetime, her parents aren't too happy. With the Mayor threatening to press charges and refusing to take her fathers offer, her parents decide the best thing for Lydia to do is give back to the town and show everyone that she’s as good as her last name implies. 
Volunteering to answer calls for the Suicide Hotline is depressing in itself. If she’s not getting calls about people threatening to jump off buildings, or wanting to talk about their multiple problems, then it’s immature boys prank calling for kicks and giggles. 

When one night a call comes in from a guy saying he’s thinking about ending his life, Lydia doesn't know if it’s a joke or not. But when the boy calls back every single night at the same time, Lydia spends hours upon hours trying to decipher the guy behind the call. 

Because what’s worse than falling for a guy you don’t even know? 

Falling for a guy too lost to even love you back.

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DontMindMyRandomness DontMindMyRandomness Jun 24, 2016
I have a friend named Lydia & another friend w/ the last name of Good
ReverseMyCurse12 ReverseMyCurse12 Apr 20, 2016
Please write more! This is a well written book, and I'd like to read more of it! 😊
YouMayKnowMeAsTrash YouMayKnowMeAsTrash Dec 28, 2015
ahhhh this sounds really interesting
                              the blurb is well-written, too
                              I think I'm in love, haha
XxXGreaserGirlXxX XxXGreaserGirlXxX Nov 19, 2015
If you call the suicide hot line can your parent find out and does it cost money
isamanthax isamanthax Feb 18, 2015
arctic_elephants arctic_elephants Nov 21, 2014
This sounds like a really good book!!!! When will you start writing it?