The Invisible Girl

The Invisible Girl

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Cora Z By 9CorazonesOcultos Updated Aug 12, 2018

Cover created by berrybeehoney.

She was the embodiment of the sun, her bright green eyes twinkling with warmth, her hair a beautiful golden blonde. Even her skin had a brilliant tan, flawless and clear. Yet, the only time he ever saw her was in the light of the moon.

He didn't know her name or where she was from: she seemingly melted into the shadows everytime he saw her. Until the night he saw her breaking into the Sorenson house.

Suddenly it was Luke's mission- to prove she was real and save her from her own cruel family. However, not even the Academy could help. He couldn't even convince them she was real. How can you save someone you can't see? Maybe you can't.

But maybe doesn't mean you can't, and that's good enough for Luke.