Game On (Keith X Reader) (Youtuber/Modern AU?)

Game On (Keith X Reader) (Youtuber/Modern AU?)

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With 16.7 million subscribers, Y/N was a pretty popular YouTube gamer. It didn't help that her big brother was the famous Markiplier, though. But she was a million times better, at least according to Keith.

Keith was part of the Voltron YouTube channel, along with his six friends, Shiro, Lance, Pidge, Hunk, Allura, and Coran. He wasn't exactly sure how the channel came to be, but it did, and it got BIG. It had reached a million subscribers in the first month it was up, but that was three years ago. With the channel having over 18 million subscribers, of course Y/N had heard of them since they were so popular.

Y/N of course watched the channel's dumb yet funny skits, but her favorite videos were the gaming ones. More specifically, the gaming ones with Keith in them. She quickly took an interest in Keith and he became her favorite within the first few videos she watched, but she didn't know that he loved her, too.

With two fairly famous Youtubers both secretly searching for each other at the year's VidCon, things can get a bit messy.