Lose Control

Lose Control

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Victoria Slater By VictoriaSlater457 Updated Mar 23

~☆ Previously Known As Finding Orion ☆~

**Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,
How I Wonder Who You Are**

When Jason Carver wakes up in a hospital, with absolutely no memory as to why he landed there in the first place, he has only a scapel for a weapon against gun wielding secret government agents and three assassins, who will stop at nothing to finish him. He is left with no other choice other than to flee before he gets killed. Suddenly he finds himself in a race against dangerous enemies and secret agents with only scraps of his memory to get by. 

Secret Agent Delilah Marks has finally got her career changing case that she coveted for the seven years she worked with the CIA. Hunting down the notorious assassin, Code Name: Orion and bringing him to justice for killing his wife and several unsolved murders around the globe would finally give her the promotion she wanted and the respect she deserved. 

Or so, she thought.

Everything goes down hill once she starts working on the case that was an open and shut one once The Orion is caught. Doubts began arising in her mind, as she slowly begins to unveil the real Jason Carver and his true intentions.

Will Delilah and Jason be able to uncover the true enemies that lurk in the shadows or will those enemies succeed in killing them first?