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Whispers Beneath The Waves (Boy x Boy) [Shortlisted for The Wattys 2018!]

Whispers Beneath The Waves (Boy x Boy) [Shortlisted for The Wattys 2018!]

6.8K Reads 699 Votes 17 Part Story
Becky Jerams By beakyboo Updated Feb 07

"I tell the sea secrets. I spill out all the things locked deep inside me that I can't say to anyone else. And I know it listens to me. I can't explain how or why, but it listens and it understands."

Seventeen-year-old Lennon has always lived by the water with his eccentric mother in Melwyn Bay. He is inexplicably drawn to the ocean (despite nearly drowning in it many years ago) and often swims out to an offshore grotto so he can talk aloud to the waves.

The ocean never judges him for the emotion he keeps bottled up in everyday life. Like the fact he wants to stay in Melwyn Bay rather than leave for University. Or how he doesn't know who is father is or have any idea where he comes from.

Or the fact his best friend Keiko seems to have a crush on him, whereas he is much more interested in the cute new boy in town...

One emotional evening, as he hides away in the grotto, another teenage boy washes up on the rock, naked and confused. His name is Kye and not only does he seem to recognise Lennon, but he is clutching a note with his home address written on it.

Perhaps someone besides the sea has been listening to Lennon all along. Someone from a place beyond his or anyone's wildest imagination. And as Lennon and Kye's two worlds collide, in a most beautiful and dangerous way, nothing will ever be the same again...


WORK IN PROGRESS - Planning to update a new chapter every 1 - 2 weeks :)

COVER: By-gozi-

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