An Eclectic Writing Class - Prompt Writing

An Eclectic Writing Class - Prompt Writing

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Lydia Sanders By LydiaSandersBooks Updated Mar 19, 2019

On my blog ( I have a series called "An Eclectic Writing Class" where I gather resources on productivity, writing craft,  grammar, and vocabulary into monthly lessons. These monthly posts also include updates on my own writing projects and writing prompts of my own creation. Rather than including my prompt-inspired writing in my blog posts, I've opted to post it here on Wattpad.

This isn't intended to be well-polished writing, and I don't want critiques or editing help for these scenes---I know they're all kinds of messed up. The parts won't necessarily follow any sort of story structure or make sense. Aside from typing up what I've written and fixing a few spelling and punctuation errors, this is unedited. There are even [placeholder words] and {notes to myself} within the text which I'll need to change later if I end up actually using this writing for anything.

Most of the prompts are phrases intended to be somehow included in the scene. Beginning sentence, ending sentence, worked into the middle somehow--it doesn't matter.  These phrases can be found in the part titles.

You're welcome to take the prompts and use them to spark your own work. I would love to see what you come up with. I recommend setting a timer for 20-25 minutes and writing whatever pops into your head. If you need to tweak something in the phrase to make it work for your story, like changing a pronoun or swapping an animal out for a different one, go for it. There are no rules here.  Just write.

If you would like to check out the blog post lesson associated with the parts, you can click the external link at the bottom of each part. Cheers!