Tam Riddle: The Dead Will Rise Again (HP Fanfic)

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Courtney By xHawaiian_Angelx Completed
My name is Tammy Lilian Riddle and I'm not an ordinary witch. I was born with the power to control the elements, something that was misplaced along down my family line. I was always brilliant and clever, but sometimes my emotions got the best of me. This is my story and how my emotions almost got me killed. Several times. I was raised in France, an attempt at getting me away from the darkness that engulfed the wizarding world. But the Malfoys called me back to them six years later. During my time at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, I had made new friends and old enemies every which way. I will finally find a family and even someone to love. But how long will it last for me, before it all comes crumbling down? This is my story of Tammy Lilian Riddle, the lost twin sister of Harry James Potter.
this sounds like it'll be amazing . I think draco has some anger management issues :)
just gotta say, from her description of herself she sounds kinda self-centered, but you write amazingly and I am already interested in what happens next