The Ramsey Brothers

The Ramsey Brothers

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lightIy By lightIy Updated Mar 03

Allison wasn't the type to have many friends. I mean she only has one and that is her best friend Lara. Until just recently she started talking to the four popular, gorgeous Ramsey brothers, Jai, Ashton, Luke and Liam.

At first Allison didn't think she could be friends with these four boys but as time goes by she finds herself becoming really close to them and she even manages to fall for one of the boys.

Will Allison be able to keep her good relationship with the Ramsey Brothers and stay with them until the end? Or will their secrets and problems be too much for her to handle and cause her to run away?

I laughed so hard, i'm like "Why'd you try it?" After she was yelled at.
tyheartlove tyheartlove Feb 18
Awesome I'm in love with them god why can't guys like that go to my school "sigh"😘
goodgirl223 goodgirl223 Apr 02
I don't know why but I laughed when she said white skinned😂😂😂😂 I think it's cause kat Williams was like that baby not light skin it's white skin
NoTamers NoTamers Apr 14
When it said he slammed his pencil down I was thinking omg he is gonna get caught by the teacher and it's gonna be embarrassing so I stopped reading and got back together then thread again.
                              THE EMBARRASSMENT IS REAL PEOPLE!
BruhitsMars BruhitsMars Apr 20
The embarrassment is real lmao. I would have been mad that he yelled at me because I hate when people yell at me, but I would have cried because how much of a dick he was being tbfh
This is my second time re reading this book its so good❤ I love it