Keeping Him Prideful (An Add x Reader Story)

Keeping Him Prideful (An Add x Reader Story)

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Ōkami Amaterasu By WinterWolf1377 Completed

This is another Add x reader story. Of course the Add in the story has a different path too. I wonder if you can guess which one. Anyways...

What if the El Search Party didn't exist to find the El? What if it was created to stop people from researching nasods? Of course that would make Add be their main suspect right? If that's enough to catch your interest, then I'm sure this story will be to your liking. 

She hadn't meant to break the law but there was no way that she would back down now. If the El Search Party wanted to turn her in, they'd have to catch her first!

Also I don't own Add or any of the other Elsword characters or anything else that KOG Games own or any of the Elsword stuff. I don't own some of the plot and original ideas.