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Erika Punt By Erikapunt Updated 6 days ago

Death has visited her doorstep but it's clutches could not catch her.
That same girl is walking alongside the beasts and residing in the shadows of the forest.

 The innocent girl has turned into a warrior who wields arrows with the same fierceness that a dragon wields fire. She is  scarred but her scars trail deep, telling a story no one will understand, because she has learned to walk with the beasts. 

But even the shadows can't protect her against the whispers, and soon she finds that she has not completely become an shadow and can still be found.

I just stumbled on your story, it seems pretty good so far. Keep it up. 😉
Dj_Nerdy_d Dj_Nerdy_d Apr 27
This word doesn't seem to fit here. It could be gulped* but the follow up says slowly which is contradictory.
Defenders14 Defenders14 Apr 25
A bit of punctuation in this sentance would make it flow smoother.
raymac_eric raymac_eric Apr 23
OK... So i am nowhere near being an expert at writing novels.... But i think yours has a future.... Its got detail and you really made it come alive. I think you can do great if you just keep writing..... (I don't meant to sound bossy... I was just passing by and i thought I'd read your story🙏)