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It is Improper to be Proper ( Ciel Phantomhive x Reader)

It is Improper to be Proper ( Ciel Phantomhive x Reader)

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ChichaKing By ChichaKing Updated Jul 28, 2014

You were a care free spirit that enjoyed the thrill of adventure, the knowledge and stories found in books, tinkering with gears, and the flat out rebellion against the "proper" way a woman should act.  Your status as the number one clock maker's daughter only ever pressured you into snob infested situations, so you always made up for it with your bold attitude and rash ways.  But what happens when good ol' pops gets tired of hearing the mischief his daughter has caused? He sends her to a place that will force her to become a proper lady of course.          I DO NOT OWN BLACK BUTLER OR ANY OF ITS CHARACTERS, JUST THE FAN FICTION!

Charcoal54 Charcoal54 Jan 31, 2016
I honestly would have just ran away. Like, right then and there.
cristellianicole cristellianicole Jul 08, 2016
I hope she doesn't change. 
                              It's good for a lady to be who they are.
                              And prove that bastard of a dad wrong! XD
darkness-lover99128 darkness-lover99128 Feb 08, 2016
I actually almost cried... Thinking of leaving my father like that and my mother dieing... Oh lord...
amazingsamii amazingsamii Dec 29, 2016
Why won't one of the good fanfics update? 
                              and can someone recommend good ones.?
spamzillaground spamzillaground Jun 24, 2016
I like how I'm wearing shorts irl rn and reading this. They are like Alois' too
MysticalMajesty31 MysticalMajesty31 Oct 12, 2016
Oh I wouldn't mind, Sebby is the best tutor u could have my friends