Neko Neighbors (Slow Updates)

Neko Neighbors (Slow Updates)

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Usagi By Lollipop_Usagi Updated Mar 02

Description is inside but here is a short summary.

Eren and Levi are nekos. Armin and Erwin are neighbors. Armin is Eren's master/owner/friend. And Erwin is Levi's 'owner/food giver'.

ErenxLevi & ArminxErwin

Cover by: Caged_Nightmares

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ShameIessFujoshi ShameIessFujoshi Jun 02, 2017
Anyone else start reading it as "Levi was abandoned as a pup, who lived in the middle of nowhere"?
PeridoodleTheDoodle PeridoodleTheDoodle Jun 15, 2017
Eren: *walks in*
                              Eren: Hi
                              Levi: i wa nt to hav e your k i TTENS
Dawn1908 Dawn1908 Jan 23
Omg I died when I read that and my dad is looking at me like im pysci
supersaiyansam supersaiyansam Apr 12, 2017
I don't get the ship name ereri, like where the hell did the other 'r' come from, I mean look at 'eren', now look at 'levi'. Do you see two 'r' s? Cause I dont
SereneShadows SereneShadows May 25, 2017
                              Me: I WANNA HAVE YOUR KITTENS!
I_Am_Hanji_Zoe I_Am_Hanji_Zoe Jun 01, 2017
So is Levi gonna be the Uke? *groans* this sounds like a cool story and I don't want to abandon it but if it is Uke Levi I won't even hesitate