Neko Neighbors (Slow Updates)

Neko Neighbors (Slow Updates)

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Usagi By Lollipop_Usagi Updated Apr 11

Description is inside but here is a short summary.

Eren and Levi are nekos. Armin and Erwin are neighbors. Armin is Eren's master/owner/friend. And Erwin is Levi's 'owner/food giver'.

ErenxLevi & ArminxErwin

Cover by: Caged_Nightmares

cindykaneki cindykaneki Aug 04
sorry just wanted to point it out just in case you wanted to make corrections.
cindykaneki cindykaneki Aug 04
Levi: *sees Eren*
                              Eren: hello le-
                              levi: i want to have your babies
I love how you added the "especially female ones" bit  *wink wink*
AkiTheNinja AkiTheNinja Mar 18
At least they both got something in common...
                              Something big.
HalloDere11 HalloDere11 Nov 07
Actually if Eren tops, its ereri. If Levi (Rivalle) tops, it's Riren
EmberWillow EmberWillow Feb 08
Weeee Weerrreeee Weeee Weerrreeee it's da Poepoe, y'all already know your wanted people