Who Could Have Known (Percabeth AU)✔️

Who Could Have Known (Percabeth AU)✔️

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Annabeth Chase is your average junior at Goode High School. She gets straight A's, and you will never find her sitting in detention. Her best friend since kindergarten, Piper McLean, has always been there for her, since Annabeth's mother had died when she was six, leaving it to be just Annabeth and her father. Annabeth is just like everyone else. Just another face in the crowd. But what happens when she suddenly gets tangled up with Percy Jackson, the high school heartthrob?

Percy Jackson is popular. His grades aren't great and he's had a few detentions in his high school career. He is known to be a bit of a troublemaker, in a lighthearted way. His best friend, Reyna (a bunch of names I dont remember) Arellano, is always at his side supporting him since kindergarten. Reyna was there when Percy's father walked out on him and his mother, Sally. She then got remarried to Gabe Ugliano, Percy's dangerous step-father. Percy faces the pressure of being popular, always in the limelight. He is able to keep cool on the outside to maintain his reputation, but on the inside, he's struggling with the stress. But when he runs into Annabeth Chase, his life is changed. For the better. 

What will happen to Annabeth? How is she so life altering to Percy? Find out in Who Could Have Known. 

I do not own any of the characters from the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus series. They belong to Rick Riordan. And yes. I drew this cover myself. I know, I'm such an artist. However the idea was not originally mine. I copied it off google. So credit goes to the original picture, whoever made that.(idk tbh)

Also, this is my first fanfic so be gentle and I apologize for any cringe/errors thank you

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bellaschneeb bellaschneeb Apr 22, 2018
I have absolutely no idea that’s just the name everyone else used lol
- - Jul 13, 2018
I fee l like if I ever met anyone name drew i wouldn't like them because of this
There are bigger bitches in the pjo world than Drew. Like Kelli and Tammi, everyone forget about them.
Annie_S1206 Annie_S1206 Dec 13, 2018
marktth marktth Oct 24, 2018
Good one. Continue please. Captures the tone of Uncle Rick spectacularly
pidge_the_bean pidge_the_bean Nov 19, 2018
Well don’t feel bad I pretty much only wear sweatpants and I have to always wear sweatshirts or long sleeves