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We All Fall Down

We All Fall Down

16.3K Reads 1.4K Votes 46 Part Story
Sabrina By UnderMySkin Completed

#25 in Science Fiction [May 10/18]
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For years children have been born with elongated spines that resemble tails, webbed fingers; all of which are fixed at birth. When more and more children are being born with tails, webbed fingers, gills, wings and horns, the world was divided. Many accepted this as evolution, change that could not be cut away or surgically removed. As horned, winged and "Altered" people became the norm, humans fought for their place, to avoid extinction.

The wars ended with the Altered winning, and what left of humans receding back into communes and cults, protecting their history and their heritage. While many humans integrated into society- welcomed with open arms by the Altered- a few cults still clung to their traditions. 

Taron Wright was born and raised in a Human Cult, but he always knew that he did not belong, and that he had to escape his sheltered way of life.

  • chrysalid
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  • earthchild
  • extinction
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