But He's My Brother?

But He's My Brother?

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BeepBeep By redflavourcake Updated Jul 05, 2018

Elisa is turning eighteen in a week, this will be a crucial moment for her because not only does it mean she will soon shift into her Wolf for the first time but that she will also find her Mate. However this is a prospect she is not entirely thrilled about as she believes most mates are oppressive beings.

Samuel is her older brother by ten months, the siblings never had a good relationship between them, they don't even have anything in common. From the way they look, to the way they act, to their personalities, It's no wonder why the siblings resent each other as there is no common ground that can bond them together. What started off as rivalry between them as young kids escalated into full on hatred as young adults.  However this all changes on the night of Elisa's birthday, secrets are revealed that were supposed to be concealed for all of eternity, ultimately changing the lives of everyone around them, especially theirs.

How can these two young aggrieved adults who are seemingly siblings, suddenly have a bond deeper than anything previously known to them.

I have had this idea playing in my head for around a year and finally decided to make a story on it. 
Hope you enjoy!


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