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Mad By MadelineSane Updated Jun 10, 2016

❝A boy and a girl,
feathers and flames.
A tragic love story,
and a life that came to an end❞


The body dies but the soul survives; Punished by the gods, Icarus is cursed and doomed to centuries of pain. Reborn every eighteen years, He is bound to fall in pure love with an innocent soul and cause her death. Consumed by flames and born again from the ashes, the ruthless cycle will continue until the end of the days...

But this time, a force has been set up by The Guardians to break the rusted chains which bind Icarus. With the sole mission of protecting humans, The Guardians have taken it upon themselves to protect Icarus's love from the peril that awaits her. Cassie, a strong guardian apprentice, is chosen by "The Twelve", the kings and queens Guardians, to take Icarus' mission and save the person who will fall in love with him.

What happens when Cassie discovers her growing feelings for Icarus? Between the games of power, lust and magic, will Cassie be able to see the difference between reality and myths?

There is no time to think, as there is something... someone with a pinch of darkness in his blood that has other plans for them.


#226 in Romance
cover by @_grimm

dustychalks dustychalks Feb 11, 2016
Difference between reality and myths? Am I actually reading between lines or am I overthinking? xD
opheliacs opheliacs Jan 05, 2016
The poem in your description is beautiful :') Did you write it yourself?
republicans republicans Jan 03, 2016
this idea sounds fabulous and i'm totally intrigued! i cannot wait to start reading! :) x
booksanddcoffee booksanddcoffee Jan 02, 2016
Do I read and become obsessed or do I try to forget such a good book ;-;
jinwen2509 jinwen2509 Dec 27, 2015
Omg, so excited by the fact that you chose to write about a Greek mythology character!! Beautiful cover and trailer! Can't wait to start reading! xx
Grinning4Undertaker Grinning4Undertaker Nov 07, 2015
I love the new cover!!! And Icarus too of course! Keep writing like you are, writing is a beautiful art you know!!