She's A Trouble Maker

She's A Trouble Maker

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JamieBluexoxo1 By JamieBluexoxo1 Updated Aug 26

This book is a sequel to he's a troublemaker preview below 
Harley West, daughter of Madeline and Hunter West. Fearless and in love with Nutella yet she doesn't believe in love, what happens when she crosses paths with Ryder Rivers and Joshua Evergreen? Preview Below:


"Oh please, save your crap. You broke me and that won't easily be repaired."  It was then that I realised, I had fallen for him....real bad. I'd made a promise with myself that I would never fall for anyone again and yet he walks in, making me break my own promise.

"Harley, I did it to protect you, ask your mother she told me to do that in order to protect you! I didnt want to stay away from you." He looks me dead in the eye with guilt and fear. For the first time he was scared, scared of losing someone. I believed him.