Steps on How to Be A Bad Boy

Steps on How to Be A Bad Boy

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Answer this following questions:   

1. Are you a guy?  

2. Do you want to become bad? 
3. Are you a nerd?    

4. Do you want a good girl? 
5. Do you want to laugh?    

6. Do you want to cry while laughing? (not guaranteed)
7. Have you ever laughed in your life?
8. Do you like food?    

9. Do you like GOOD food?
10. Do you have a vowel in your entire name?
11. Do you want to become a badboy?

If you said yes to two or more of these questions you, yes you, are qualified to become a bad boy. Pick up (what ever device you're reading this on) get cozy in a blanket and learn the master ways of becoming a bad boy.


Snoopy prep girl here! Reading this just because it looked interesting.
Unicorn4You Unicorn4You Oct 09
                              Teacher: Okay.
                              Wait Wait, I was Joking around Teach!
Unicorn4You Unicorn4You Oct 09
That'll just make you look Tou-- Forget it, Forget it... Go on.
Unicorn4You Unicorn4You Oct 09
Bad Boy: Hey Ms. Walker. *Feels Hair*
                              Teacher: Hello, Mr. Reid.
                              Bad Boy: *Whispers* Call me Hunter...
                              Teacher: Um, Mr. Reid I have some Paper Work to do. *Rolls Eyes*
                              Bad Boy: You wanna know what else you could do?  *Smirks and Pulls Down Pants*
                              Teacher: *Kicks Him In Balls and Run*
Unicorn4You Unicorn4You Oct 09
Nah, my Friends will think I'm a weirdo... Wait, that's why their Friends with me!
Unicorn4You Unicorn4You Oct 09
Guys, lets play Hide And Seek!
                              *Gets Cut by a Stick*
                              AHHHH-- I mean, ahhahahaha can't get me... *Forces Smile*