Pretzel Problems - A Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure Story

Pretzel Problems - A Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure Story

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Based on the Epcot attraction, Pretzel Problems tells the story of another unsung member of Team Possible -  Ben Credible.

If you ever visited Epcot and played this, you knew what the attraction was about - you became a member of Team Possible. You got a Kimmunicator. You found the clues. You solved the puzzles. You caught the bad guy. You got a naked mole rat. 

Well, all but the last part. But you lived the adventure - at least until some kids from Danville moved it to the Tri-State Area. So here's my take on the story, and what happened when some evil genius went to work in Germany...

No, not that evil genius. The other one. The one who wasn't blue.

For the legal details:

This is a work of fan fiction. The author intends under no circumstances to seek or gain any monetary value from this work.  It is offered purely for entertainment value alone.
Kim Possible and associated characters were created by Bob Schooley and Mark McCorkle.
Kim Possible, Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure, all characters and situations associated with such are copyrighted property of the Walt Disney Company

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