Lizzy the reaper (A Creepypasta fanfic)

Lizzy the reaper (A Creepypasta fanfic)

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I looked at zalgo and he held out a weapon for me, I grabbed it and it was a Scythe.

"this the perfect weapon for you, it's pole can be made longer and shorter. here's a slip for your back so you can easily travel and run. your pasta name is Lizzy the reaper. welcome to the family" zalgo said. 

with that zalgo left and I started my life as a killer.

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NonToxicMarkers NonToxicMarkers 2 days ago
Creepypasta is technically public domain
                              Also, I'm curious if you actually filed for copyright claim or put copyright here so that people would know not yo steal your original characters like so many fanfiction writers do
NonToxicMarkers NonToxicMarkers 2 days ago
Clarification for those of you who aren't aware: a Creepypasta is an Internet horror story, not a character. What should be said in this fandom is "Creepypasta character," since Creepypastas aren't people
                              (Sorry, the fact that a lot of people don't get this distinction gets me riled up)
I'm not really interested in reaper's, they are so 16th century
Okami300 Okami300 Oct 23
I read a story that had patchwork in it but that story came out way before yours could you explain to me why you have a character called that?
ChattyNeko1 ChattyNeko1 May 30
Does that JTC possibly mean....Jeff the Cutie??? Sorry....I need a life...
CatsKillsTheChildren CatsKillsTheChildren Dec 24, 2015
Ok * gives the book a small drink of distilled liquor* there you go... *realized I don't know how old the book is* wait how old are you book * the book drinks the liquor* well I guess it should be fine * runs away*