Lizzy the reaper (A Creepypasta fanfic)

Lizzy the reaper (A Creepypasta fanfic)

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I looked at zalgo and he held out a weapon for me, I grabbed it and it was a Scythe.

"this the perfect weapon for you, it's pole can be made longer and shorter. here's a slip for your back so you can easily travel and run. your pasta name is Lizzy the reaper. welcome to the family" zalgo said. 

with that zalgo left and I started my life as a killer.

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xxZarCarixx xxZarCarixx Aug 31
I like mashed potatos.
                              With gravy.
                              The red gravy.
                              Not blood ketchup geez. (:V)
LordeToast LordeToast Jul 31
THE EYES ARE NOT SYMMERTICALLLLLLL (My sister just yelled that while I was reading this, hehe)
I use procreate on my iPad. It's easy, and you can also control the stream line. (Makes your hand less shaky).
xxZarCarixx xxZarCarixx Aug 31
When you put all your sins together and they catch on fire
                              Crap now everyone Will see....
Ok, quick tip: dont use the word gothic so much, us HP fans might get reminded of *shudder* my immortal
rxsonance rxsonance Sep 17
Getting drunk and smoking weed doesn't make you a bad person lol