This Old Town ✖️Muke

This Old Town ✖️Muke

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Michael Lives on Luke's uncle's ranch in a rural part of New south Whales, just outside of Sydney's city and bordering the Blue Mountains region. Michael's Parents died when he was 15 leading to him being taken in by a long time family friend.

 Luke is a famous singer who moved to New York city, from Sydney with his parents when he was 14 to peruse a music career.

 Luke gets mixed up in a drug scandal and his parents decide to send him  home to Australia to spend the summer working on his uncle's horse ranch. 

Mikey acts as if he doesn't know who Luke is- of course he does, it's not like he's been living under a rock for the past 7 years.-but really Michael couldn't care less that he is famous.

 Luke doesn't want to be on a "stupid smelly farm" and is finding it hard to cope without reception, Friends, fans and drugs.

(Credit to the original owners of all the
Songs and pictures used in this book. )

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