Not My Ex | Park Jimin

Not My Ex | Park Jimin

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  By bangtancy Updated Nov 03, 2019

❝Aren't you going to pick up something you forgot in my room a year ago?❞ Jimin questioned in a playful tone. A sly smirk played along his lips as he leaned closer to my face, carefully assessing it. 

❝What?❞ I stuttered, blush burning through my cheeks. 

His smirk grew wider, ❝Clue. They ride up your crotch.❞

Seeing my ex again a year after our break up was the last thing I wanted to happen. He came back, much better, much smarter, much attractive, much hotter and much affectionate. But I hated the fact that he turned out almost perfect and I was left being my old self.

I was supposed to feel hatred towards him, but for some reason, I still missed him, missed his touch, his smell, his lips, his hands, his body on top of mine. I wanted him back in my life.

But. . . We are forbidden to be with each other. Again. 

⚠️ WARNING : This book will contain sexual content, but I will warn you if things get out of hand. Most parts are PG-13.

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