I Cannot be Cured of a Rude Heart (AmberPrice)

I Cannot be Cured of a Rude Heart (AmberPrice)

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sickgore By sickgore Updated Jul 18, 2018

"It's just so hard to resist the,
taste of your kisses,
when you're begging for more,
and you just won't listen, 
when I tell you I'm kissing,
someone else too." 

Rachel's relationship with Frank wasn't love between consenting adults. It was the sad trauma a girl with a murderous father and a desperation for validation found herself on the receiving end of. It was the abuse an adult brought upon a teenager in above her head. It made Rachel Amber stronger, in the long run, she swears.

Amberprice au where Rachel's father went through with killing Sera. While dealing with the loss of the mother she never knew, Rachel seeks closure, and finds it, in the form of Frank Bowers. 

tw's: drug/alcohol use, sexual assault (subject to change)