[Upside Down Life]

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empy By LeTiffany Updated 3 years ago
You're an ordinary, high-school girl, with everything any girl could ask for. The looks, strength, smarts, and sports, you're the epitome of perfection! Besides the point that you're an orphan. While ignoring that fact, one might say that your life was perfect. That's where everyone is wrong. Ever since your family passed away, you've had some strange sightings. Seeing things that no one else can see is quite frightening, if I must say so. So, when one of these strange sightings end up in your bedroom, with you, and claims to be your child...what are you going to do?
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'ello LeTiffany :D
                                    your story is very interesting and I really like your characters a lot, especially Hamasaki Raneko sounds a bit like Yuffie from Final Fantasy VII xDD and the kid ghost (chairudo) is kind of cute :DD
Oh that Saikawa is just evil >w< I like him already!!! Yosh! Great chapter Tiffy!! (if I may call you that?) And thank you so very, very much for the dedication!!! And to thank you I will draw (chibi!) Akio!!!
Fantastic!!! This is really good!!! I find Akio so adorable!! I imagine him to look like a chibi? (He looks like that in my head..) >3< so cute! Anyways, I can't wait for the next chapter!! Upload soon!! (pwetty pwease!!!)