The Scented Glove (Book Three of The Valois series)

The Scented Glove (Book Three of The Valois series)

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Margot de Valois, princess of France, sister to the king, was a woman hunted and tormented in her royal palaces. 

Forced into marriage, desired by her own brothers, her life was full of danger...and bravery in a time when politics and passion went hand in hand at the court of France.

 In this, the third book of the Valois dynasty, the story of the Valois reign of France continues through the mouths of Margot de Valois and her mother, Catherine de Medici. Here, the warring factions of France will face each other finally, not in the field of battle, but in the streets of the massacre of St Bartholomew approaches

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xSerinica xSerinica Jun 26, 2018
Can I read this story as a standalone book or should I read the first and second book beforehand
claire_drc claire_drc Jan 18, 2017
I see "France" and I was curious... I will read your book, I think to see what you say about this time. (Excuse me if I make mistake because I have lot of difficulties to speak in english😂😂😂)
starz00 starz00 Dec 02, 2015
A gripping beginning to the third book- I can't wait to find out what this bloodshed is all about, it seems many things have been happening in history since we left them last- Margot has a husband now, it seems!
letlifein letlifein Oct 04, 2015
Your work is so awesome.  I have read the book and now I am going back to re-read and hopefully add some comments.   Your work has taught me so much and awakened an insatiable curiosity.  Thank you so much for that.
sallygoetzke sallygoetzke Jun 26, 2015
I just now finished your book on Mary. Thank you for suggesting that I should reàd it first an- thén réad this one.
astar123 astar123 Aug 08, 2014
Amazing chapter!!!! :) Did anyone else read this chapter in a posh English accent