The Badboy Is After Me.

The Badboy Is After Me.

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The BadBoy is after me

Catherine Victoria Parker is the type of girl that nobody wants to notice. She doesnt want to tell the world who she really is and what she can be. She is an amazing girl who still has the typical nerd flaws. The only one person that she actually admires is her brother Mikyle. She hasn't gotten into severe trouble since a long time.


Robert Daniel Taite is the typical bad boy. He is the school's famous quarterback. He's got that brown hair and typically mouth watering hot. You won't see him around the school without his troupe of fangirls following him around. Late night parties, a different girl every week, he has the typical bad boy attitude yeah and don't forget the dominant and assholish attitude.

What happens when Robert actually notices Catherine? Will they be friends or more? Read and find out their mystery in this book!



centaura243 centaura243 Nov 20
PEOPLE STOP HATING ON THE NAME every adult named Robert started off as a kid you know. Their names don't automatically change to Robert when they turn 50.
My dad's name is Robert 😂😂 and he was a bad boy 😷😷
Wisdom_455 Wisdom_455 Aug 11
Love it so much not fond of the name Robert because that's my cousins name xD but love it!!
hello_Lya hello_Lya Sep 15
I am really intersted with this book but ROBERT seriously just why why why!!!!! All i can think is a guy wearing a white singlet and have a big tummy watching a television with just a boxer and socks
hobbbys hobbbys Oct 12
He will like her because of the title of the book.... Hahahaha