On Mumbai Street

On Mumbai Street

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With conservative parents, an arrogant elder brother, a frustrating neighbor, six wild best friends and of course, the prejudging Indian society, Trisha's life may seem a little crazy but for her it was normal.

She had it under control.

But what when Arnav Malhotra arrives fresh from Delhi and he is everything you want in an Indian guy: good-looking, smart and best-friend material...?

And what when a devilishly handsome Yash Shah is imported straight from London and he is everything an Indian girl dreams of: Zac Efron looks, flirty and the ultimate bad-boy type...?

And suddenly, Trisha's crazy world which she always deemed normal starts spinning out of her control...

Fill her shoes because I'm sure you will be able to relate to her, or laugh at her funny antics or her sad luck, or just be with her as she battles out an Indian teenage life and maybe, just maybe, falls in love...

Author's note: On Mumbai Street has been selected for the teen fiction category of Your story India's long list so it will be amazing if you guys would vote for the first chapter so that it can make it to the short list. Thanks once again xx

Ummmm....sounds quite interesting.....gonna start reading it....
Gud going wid d self humiliation. It always does ring in d mind.
AWESOME btw, this is the 4th time i'm reading this book cause i'm obsessed
Girl i just loved the way you introduced the character...!! :)
How do ppl in stories randomly bump into handsome guys who notice them and talk to them??
Itirmas Itirmas Sep 17
Indian marriages don't take one day, they take a whole month.