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Wal-Mart Zombies

Wal-Mart Zombies

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Whitney Styles :3 By WhitneyMcCormick Updated Mar 02, 2014

The world is over, it's as simple as that. Well not completely over there still are people walking around. But they aren't what you call human. They feed on human flesh, killing millions and not caring one bit. Tess was just your normal teenage girl. She had her issues that most girls have at her age. But then the world went to shit and all she has left is the group of survivors she found on her way to safety. They are her family but what will happen when her new family is threatened by the creatures roaming the world and the people she trusts most?. Will everyone be able to handle the terrible destruction going on around them or will it cause them to become one of those terrible monsters???

 This story wont be like every other zombie story it will have Walmart, funny moments,  marriage, and NO ADULTS!!! :D Enjoy

Bossness76 Bossness76 Jun 08, 2016
That's was cool  it was a thing that he/she did off a video game from the walking dead😝😝🤗😝😝🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
lnjured lnjured Mar 01, 2015
No offense to the author, but I can't read a story where the character so easily accepts the fact their mom is dead. It feels wrong.
h8thedead h8thedead Jul 23, 2014
lucky the only story that came to me in a dream was about being chased by a pycho clown
MarkShorey MarkShorey Jun 29, 2014
Nice, I am looking forward to how you make this story different from all the other zombie novels with female protagonist with the dead family intro. Still good first chapter.
searching4amuse searching4amuse Apr 13, 2013
I love your title. That was sad. A few grammar errors here and there kind of messed with the flow. Nothing major. It did seem a little rushed. I felt sorry for her. All in all, this sounds like it could be a fun read!
6ix6ix6ix 6ix6ix6ix Nov 12, 2012
I liked it is epicly sure to check mine out lol