The Female Player

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anonymous By writingmythoughtss Updated a year ago
Admit it, most girls want to be that girl that has the boys kissing the ground she walks on. The one that gets love notes in her locker. Bracelyn got lucky enough to have it all, but she doesn't want it at all. The guys notice her because she's not like the others. She's the heartbreaker and that is appealing to them. She's known as the "Female Player". After dating Carter, the 'it' guy of the school, things seem to go downhill for her. The only good thing that comes out of this is that she met Landon Wellings in this mess. He becomes her close friend, but she starts to feel more( typical, right?) One thing she forgot to mention is her little game, and Landon thinks he's apart of it. Hurt by her secret, he blows off their friendship for a long time until someones heart is on the line. This twisted story has an ending you don't want to miss.
she's a white version of me. <3 I was reeled in by the first page.
Boy's bout to get some sense knocked into him! hehe! I like this gurl! ;D