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DIRTY DANCER - justin bieber

DIRTY DANCER - justin bieber

305K Reads 5.8K Votes 29 Part Story
BIG DADDY🐱 By thrustin Completed

sometimes things can get sexually physical , even on the dance floor

highest ranking :: #37 in fanfiction 7/28/16

Boi I need help if I ever like Edward Team Jacob Is Lit 🔥🔥💯👏👏✔️💞🔥
I love Edward for Bella but I'd pick the wolves over the vampire coven any day. They get to chose how long they live, they shift into badass wolves, they're insanely hot and not to mention imprinting is such a beautiful and incredible thing
NerdSwag234 NerdSwag234 Nov 19, 2016
Team Jacob. He gots the looks, the abs. While Edward... Is just... Edward
lightningshitstorm lightningshitstorm Oct 09, 2016
And Twilight isn't addicting or suspenseful. It's just really stupid. Sorry not sorry.
nessisnotonfire nessisnotonfire Dec 05, 2016
What's the ship name for Jacob and Edward cause I am all for it!
JustinDrewsBae JustinDrewsBae Dec 21, 2016
Side note, your English is better than my English and I'm American.....