CEO : Rebel Loves

CEO : Rebel Loves

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Ky Crossfire By kycrossfire Updated Nov 01, 2018

Working with that grumpy, moronic motherfucker was real torture. The only good thing Nick had was little Nicolas. If I did not need the babysitting money, I would have gone back to the farm long ago.
Parading those sweaty muscles after working out while I'm taking care of the little one will not change my mind, he may be a God, but he's an anti-social, arrogant idiot who believes money can buy everything.

A beyond spicy rom-com!

P.S: Hey, beautiful people! If you enjoy super hot novels, get popcorn and chocolate ready and come delight in my stories. One super, ultra important thing to mention: I do not write in English, I hired a professional to translate my books. I rely on your feedback to find out what you think about the quality of the translation and the story. Hugs and kisses!

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