The Huntsman's Honor Book 2  ( #watty2019)

The Huntsman's Honor Book 2 ( #watty2019)

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Lord Yurieth of Adamos is the only huntsman ever born to his house. Raised an oracle until his magic proved him something different, he struggled through life ill-fitted for his fate. In War, no one could surpass his skill, but in peace, he is lost. When a stranger came from the future, a warrior-oracle, bringing news of the death and rebirth of their world, Yurieth finds new purpose. However, the future widow of his just born youngest brother calls to his soul in a way none other has, but he is too honorable to surrender to his heart. Her secrets hold despair, her love could give him hope, but her magic offends his honor. Will he chose the balm of love or the hurt of honor?
Huntsman of Adamos, Book 2,  for Camp NaNoWriMo 4.2018 (very rough draft - sorry for the errors) Editing in progress

  • berserker
  • cataclysm
  • darkness
  • disaster
  • fantasy
  • heartache
  • honor
  • hope
  • huntsman
  • light
  • magic
  • nanowrimo
  • oracle
  • rejection
  • timetravel
  • war
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