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The Demon Resides In Him (Naruto Fanfic)

The Demon Resides In Him (Naruto Fanfic)

216K Reads 9.8K Votes 40 Part Story
Min By Naruto_Uzumaki_ Completed

Naruto ran away at the age of four. Now coming back, he is practically a monster. Just what did he go through to be this great??

Yukikora Yukikora Dec 09, 2016
I am looking forward for him to smash the Emo's Ego and every single Villager of Konoha... 
stars_of_death stars_of_death Dec 26, 2016
Ok, so, everyone is like "wrong anime Kurosaki, ÒnÓ" while I'm just jumping with joy because there is hardly any more bleach Fanfics :(
PureInsanity39 PureInsanity39 Sep 19, 2016 you REALLY want me to answer that?......
iKyenR iKyenR Jan 26
...I think I like ShikaNaru better for this fanfic, but the chance of it happening is probably low XD But great book so far
MangaMad23 MangaMad23 Nov 18, 2016
The forest of death..
                              Shinigami ...
                              WHAT IS ICHIGO PLANING?!
PureInsanity39 PureInsanity39 Sep 19, 2016
I read this as 'I swear in Uchiha', and unconsciously started listing of all the different ways to say "hn" in my head