You Can't Have Me (BoyXBoy)

You Can't Have Me (BoyXBoy)

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(Book 5) After nineteen years of complete isolation after his wife was murdered, Shade finally comes back to his family only to find out his only son is dead. With no one left he finds caring for anyone useless...well everyone but Black. 

Black learned soon after Alec left that his life was in danger. Everyone hates him and wants to "teach him" a lesson. When a long lost friend shows up, the feelings he thought were all in his head are affirmed, but Shade is just as broken as he is. And what's worst, Black is in enough trouble as it is. With forbidden feelings and a heart he wants to be stone, the two seek a friendship in each other...but it turns out to be a lot more. (Sex in the is book! Don't look if you aren't ready >.<)

∆Ultimate Sin Series∆

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Minoo1324 Minoo1324 Sep 23, 2017
                              IT'S NOT EVEN THEIR F*CKING PROBLEM!!!!
Lala989 Lala989 Nov 09, 2016
I just don't understand why he is being exiled. Alec knew about Danny beige his mate and he still slept with Black. Poor black doesn't deserve this 😭
I_Am_A_Panda__Rawr I_Am_A_Panda__Rawr Aug 14, 2016
Idkw I thought of Santa Claus 
                              "He sees you when you're sleeping 
                              He knows when you're awake
                              He knows if you've been bad or good
                              So be good for goodness sake"
                              That song literally says
                              "You better watch out"
                              Santa is creepy af 
                              He watches children 24/7
yasholovescats yasholovescats Jan 30, 2016
Omg I just thought of something amazing! Shades of black! Awesome no? No, not really no
PravljicaTaja PravljicaTaja Oct 26, 2016
Has Jessie not killed him? It was said at the end of the book that he picked up his body, and Jassies mate picked up injured Hanks body and they run from the police.
- - Sep 02, 2015
I honestly feel like he didn't do anything wrong. Even if Alec did cheat with him dozens of times, Danny cheated on him too. cheating is cheating. they didn't even care that Danny cheated, they acted like he didn't. Black did nothing wrong.