Cigarettes and Butterflies

Cigarettes and Butterflies

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Aries Starlight By darknessangel99 Updated Aug 10

"Hey, Tim, can I ask you something?" 

 My lips twitch into a concerned frown at the quiet voice he speaks in. "Yeah, sure."

"Do you think we could be friends again?" His eyes raise to meet mine in an intense stare. 

Another icy chill hit my back but this time, it's not because of the wicked winter. Almost on instinct, I retract my hands from his arm and stuff them into the pockets of my jacket. My legs bounce anxiously. 

I never really expected this, at least this soon. I was so certain that we were done and that after all of this, he would get kicked out and we would never see each other again. But now? After today? 

My frosted sigh fills the air in the form of an icy vapor. 

"I...don't know Brian..." I tuck my lower lip in between my teeth.

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