The Immortal Emperor's Beloved Genius Empress.

The Immortal Emperor's Beloved Genius Empress.

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taurial By taurial Updated Jan 17

Annabelle was transmigrated from the 23rd century to another world! 

She's a girl with a twisted past but with a smile on her face.

She is transmigrated into the body of the only daughter of a famous general, General Radcliffe Blue Hans.

Annabelle finds out about the young girl's past and swears to help her complete the girl's last wish.

Annabelle meets an annoying man. The man -though charming- infuriates her like no-other!

"Do you ever stop talking?!? I never knew dolls could talk and on top of that -you talk like a chatterbox" He says clearly amused.

"Will you stop calling me 'doll' ?!? I am not lifeless. Clearly your eyes have gone bad. *humphs*" She said.

"No doubt about it. My eyes now only see your face and no other to resemble a cute little doll!" He remarked, smilingly.

Let's see what happens when the story unravels further!


This is an original story!

And I am the author of it!

Hope you enjoy~

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