Fiction: The Rev's Story

Fiction: The Rev's Story

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A7Xfan1313 By A7Xfan1313 Updated Jun 06, 2012

I would just like everyone to know that The Rev is my biggest role model; he inspires me in every way possible. I love you, keep rocking in Heaven <3


My piano recording blares in my ear. I have set the volume to its highest point, so I could concentrate. I let my instinct kick in as I drum along to my recording. This was a time when I felt at peace with the world; a time when I could do what I loved.

The recording began to slowly fade. I set my drumsticks on the amp that was next to me, and sullenly walk out of the recording room where my drumset is located, upset that I was done recording the drums for my song. I call it, "Death" since the lyrics were very depressing, as my bandmates put it.

Bandmates is a terrible word. The word, "brothers", works much better for them.

"Jimmy, you alright?" I hear Brian's voice, and I smile. My best friend for countless years could always read me like an open book.


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lpa7xboifoREVer lpa7xboifoREVer Jul 02, 2015
Aren't Critical Acclaim and Fiction supposed to be in different albums?