perfectly cliche. | [suwawa x reader]

perfectly cliche. | [suwawa x reader]

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Love Live Trash By weeaboo343 Updated Dec 01

A trip to Japan.
A wrong train ride.
A small cafe.
A chance encounter.

"Care to show me around?" 

The girl in front of you only chuckled, tucking a lock of her hair shiny hair behind her ear. "Sure, why not?" unexpected fall.

(F/N) (L/N) only laughed in response, but she mostly directed it at herself. She sighed, just how much more perfectly cliche can this situation be?

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RinWolves17 RinWolves17 Apr 09
I'm looking forward to this.
                              It seems like a cute yet deep story I'd like to read again and again.
The story is off to a good start and I don’t see much of a mistake. Though even if I’m more a fantasy person (if you didn’t read the book I have posted then it wouldn’t have been noticeable to you) I still like it! I hope for the best in the journey of story writing! :)
MAC8558 MAC8558 Apr 05
I've been stalking your profile every day to know if you have another published story and poof you had suwawa x reader 😀 Did I sound like a creepy stalker? 😂😂
Kistune123 Kistune123 Apr 06
Lol this reminds me of the new episode of Marugoto Rikako where Rikako goes undercover like they do in Love Live with shades and a mask
FoxDragon FoxDragon Apr 05
I'm so excited to see where this story leads! I've gotta tell ya after taking a bunch of exams this was a nice surprise to see!
RinWolves17 RinWolves17 Apr 09
This is why you're one of my favorite authors,You make enjoyable content.