Risky Temptations

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Alice By hello679 Updated 3 years ago
Jen has everything going for her; a great boyfriend, a great best friend, poularity, good grades, a bright future, but will a new guy at school change all of that?
    Author's note: Please comment on what you think! or opinions on what u think shud happen next, and stuff like that. thanks!!!
Great story! It's a great start. I just hope that as you go on with the story you'll make the chapters longer
The tenses are a bit mixed up, which well it happens. I get confused between them too! :) You have a great idea of the story, and I think maybe a bit more description would be good? Great start, honestly! Voted x
Awww. This is seriously cute, the interactions between both couples. & The fact that all four of them are friends with each other is also very adorable! Love it! :)
I like the interactions between your characters. Several grammatical errors found-- I hope you can edit them. :)
This is a really nice start to this story, and I really like that it's in first person. The descriptions are good. Overall it's pretty good. I may actually continue reading this. (:
I liked it, short but to the point a good quality in my opinion. Good work