Within Gold and Glass (Book One of the Jamyria Series)

Within Gold and Glass (Book One of the Jamyria Series)

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Madeline By goldandglass Updated Feb 04, 2019

Margo Grisby just became the next victim of her small town's chilling disappearances. She awakens in the alternate world and vivacious paradise of Jamyria. But the beauty of the world masks an unsettling secret: it's been created by a Mark-a person who bears a symbol on their skin which grants them unlimited power. 

Unlike the other occupants of Jamyria, Margo is destined to enter. Every fifty years a man is gifted with a mark of power in hopes of destroying the gateway between worlds and freeing its people. This time, fate chose her: a sixteen-year-old girl. But regardless of gender or age, the people trapped in the world see Margo as their only hope for the next fifty years. The creator and queen of Jamyria, on the other hand, sees Margo as her latest threat and has ordered to have her hunted down. 

And Margo? She sees Jamyria as an escape from the nightmares she left behind in the real world, and deep down she's beginning to question if she wants to leave this world at all.


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