Stay Away From Me

Stay Away From Me

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knavmn By knavmn Updated May 17, 2018

He was harsh,distant and dangerous. He used violence, alcohol and sex to soften his pain. But,in reality, he was just a kid. A kid who was forced to grow up abruptly and never learnt how to love and be loved. That's why I had to stay away. Like everyone said, even him.

Until I made the mistake and got close, I immediately got addicted to his green eyes,his wonderful smell and the familiar warmth of his body. His contagious smile and those dimples that were made from the devil himself...

Everyday I wanted more and more and more. Every hour I wanted more Tony Wolf. But I didn't have any...

This is a greek story that I translated from a greek one with the same title. Its creator is @evelinetrue and I was really attracted by it and decided to translate it in English. Enjoy! Sorry if my spelling or grammar is incorrect,but I do not speak English in my every day life so excuse me for my mistakes