Swanna Girl and Braviary Man

Swanna Girl and Braviary Man

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Team Miasma is the new threat that looms over Unova many years after Team Plasma has been disbanded. Their reasoning for causing terror is unknown, but it's nothing the brave, Braviary Man, can't handle.

Just don't talk to Sylvia about it. She's always found the idea of a superhero more troubling than ever. Instead of traveling around, Sylvia spends her days helping Nurse Joy heal Pokémon, but that will soon change the day she actually faces Team Miasma for the first time.

Now, Sylvia must make a choice: stay with the life she knows or become an Unova superhero like Braviary Man to stop Team Miasma because they will stop at nothing until they've reached their goals.

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokémon, just the idea and a few characters like Sylvia, Rudi, Rena, and the concept of Team Miasma.

Rated PG 13 as some scenes may not settle well with younger viewers. 

Cover is by the wonderful @imberlapis