Finding out what the bad boy fights for. (By Spilsder)

Finding out what the bad boy fights for. (By Spilsder)

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-Please understand that this is not my book!- 

"Finding Out What The Bad Boy Fights For

1. Swing left. 
2. Swing right. 
3. Dodge. 
4. Tackle.
5. Laugh as he lies there, nearly unconscious. 
6. Make some form of comment: "God, even your mum lasted longer than you last night." 
7. Walk off, leaving the victim in question groaning in pain. 

Jacob Moore street fights every day. He has a routine: he fights, he laughs, he walks away. He doesn't do friends, and he's known around school as their 'bad boy'. Kara...well Kara doesn't have a title, but she does manage to humiliate herself daily, using her natural talent of word vomit and verbal diarrhea. So when the two run into each other (quite literally) it creates something interesting, dangerous, and something, that's just a little bit like love."

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Avalon4444 Avalon4444 Feb 08
It's not stalking its admiring from a far without the person knowing 😆
cacoethes cacoethes Mar 09
RR for the like 100th time, i remember when the author deleted it and i cried, you're a saviour reuploading it !! <3
afrocirsus112 afrocirsus112 2 days ago
That is me right there... I say weird stuff when I’m nervous
ThisRuinedMyLifeu ThisRuinedMyLifeu 7 days ago
I have never loved a character more😂😂😂
                              (Except Lilly Linton cuz who can not like her?!?!)
EmilyVento4 EmilyVento4 5 days ago
I have a friend like that and I’m the one with long lack hair is a bit fat but not to much and is short never talks and is always listening to sad music yet some how I have a boyfriend he’s tall skinny black hair and also never really talks in class and listens to sad music what is my life?
angxlicamm angxlicamm Mar 04
not gonna lie i keep coming back to this book when i don’t want to be disappointed...might’ve read it 6 times already lmao and i sure as hell ain’t stoping at 7