The Underworld

The Underworld

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Jacquemos By Jaycamellia Updated Apr 12

"No! I'm not going to be this family successor even if you bribe me with your money, I'm not going to do what you say!" 

Brandon Skylar as stubborn like you are, he runs away from home. His parents are terribly strict. They only want the best for Brandon on everyone eyes. Whip, belt, and others is normal for Brandon. Every day his life is not getting better as he age. One day he was tired of his parents behavior and decided to run away from home. It's not that easy like you think, just go out from the back door. No, apparently Brandon's family is rich. They got many bodyguards surrounding their house. Brandon finally got his freedom and now he started his new life. 

Damian Asmodeus is a twenty-three years old man, a man who is one of the top famous billionaire. He's blessed with a beautiful face and muscular body. The Underground world and the Underworld are ruled and controlled by him. Ruthless, cold, and a sadistic are his personality. He's not a human but demon king. He's still finding his Bride since hundred thousand years. Who knows when he will find his mate. 

*This book contains Manxman if you're not into this type of book don't read it. 

Also there will be many foul language, gun, blood and related things. 

This is not a fan fiction btw im using Taehyung for my cover :3

Enjoy :))

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I like this, but I noticed that you switch between tenses. Make sure to pick either present or past!