Squib Who Scrubbed

Squib Who Scrubbed

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Titania Lestrange is a part of the pureblooded families in the Wizarding World. As a daughter of the infamous Bellatrix and Rodulphus Lestrange, she already has a difficult position ahead of her, even without complications with her magic. 

However, as her childhood passes, nothing overly remarkable happens, which includes accidental magic. By the age of ten, she is well known in the pureblooded community, because she is a shamed Squib.

Humiliated, she is hidden away to become a servant for the Malfoy family, doing their laundry and other chores as she watches her cousin Draco live her dream in Hogwarts. Life continues to grow more difficult for her, and she must make a final decision with what she must do to help protect herself from more pain.

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